Video Tutorial – Laptop Repair Tools and Accessories

Laptop Repair Tools and Accessories

Repairing and upgrading components of your computer will require you to use laptop repair tools. If you are not familiar with the useful tools needed, just buy a laptop repair toolkit to get the complete set. Watch the following video to learn how to use these tools so that next time your laptop fails, you no longer have to go to a laptop repair specialist.

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Desktop and Laptop Repair Tools You Need to Have

Desktop and Laptop Repair Tools You Need to HaveRepairing and upgrading desktop and laptop components will require you to use laptop repair tools. You can buy a laptop repair tool kit to get the complete set. Before you open up the case, be sure to read your laptop repair manual for guidance.

You need to have the following tools in repairing desktop and portable devices:

  • Hooked pick for routing cables and getting into small areas.

Hooked pick

  • Digital multimeter for testing power supplies and general voltages.

Digital Multimeter Tester

  • Screwdriver kit with various tips such as different sized regular and Phillips bits, Torx bits, and small spanners for removing difficult screws.

Screwdriver Kit

  • Craft knife for cutting and prying.

Craft Knife

  • Pliers for prying and grabbing small wires.


  • Wire cutters.

Wire Cutters

  • Soldering iron in case any wires need to be reconnected.

Soldering Iron

  • Super glue in order to repair small plastic cracks and more.


You need to undergo laptop training course to learn how to use these tools properly. There are lots of computer repair courses available online and offline. Basic knowledge about laptop maintenance is also recommended to clean and take care of the components properly and extend its life.

There are also available laptop repair videos you can use to learn the basics. I recommend the laptop repairing course made by Thomas James. The videos contain detailed, step-by-step video tutorials on how to repair/replace basic components of laptops such as CD/DVD drives, battery, LCD, motherboard, and other parts on various manufacturers including Apple Macbook.